Self-empowerment: discover how to build your power to act

Académique ou spécialiste
10.12.2020 09:00    -    11.12.2020 17:00

• How could you feel more competent, worthy, valuable, and capable of doing things? What would enable you to address adversity with calm and resolve?
• How could you create conditions around you that would foster your ideas and projects?
• How could you develop courage to fight for what is important to you and to say No to what is not?
Although these questions seem very personal, they are actually widely shared and universal. Most people have doubts and struggle at times with their self-image, selfacceptance and confidence. Research shows consistently that developing these aspects is highly correlated to
coping with life challenges, and emotional well-being. This workshop is designed to help you identify ways to foster positive self-image, to transform limiting beliefs into self-compassion, and to increase your “power to act”.
Through experience sharing, discovery of tools like cultivating self-care and mindfulness, as well as via the analysis of concrete situations, each participant will be able to make another step on her/his path of professional and personal growth.
10.12.2020 09:00    -    11.12.2020 17:00
Salle EPFL
Route cantonale 10, 1015 Lausanne
REGARD Programme d'ateliers
Claudia Möri
Av. de l'Europe 20
1700 Fribourg
026 300 70 43
Nir Zalts, expert for leadership and professional development
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Programme d'ateliers REGARD

L'objectif du programme d'atelier REGARD est de développer des compétences transversales et de proposer des outils concrets de gestion de carrière et d'encadrement de la relève féminine. Les ateliers créent par ailleurs des espaces de discussion et d'échange d'expériences entre chercheuses. Ils ont également pour but de générer une sensibilisation à la thématique de l'égalité de traitement entre les femmes et les hommes dans les carrières. C'est ainsi que quelques ateliers sont ouverts à un public mixte chaque année.
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