Emotional intelligence: why it matters

Académique ou spécialiste
02.02.2023 09:00    -    14.03.2023 13:00

Description and objectives

How we feel influences our perceptions, decisions and actions. Accurately perceiving how you and others feel, using these feelings to assist with the task at hand, understanding how these feelings arose and how they will change, and then managing to stay open to these feelings makes us efficient in our interaction with others.

Emotional Intelligence Theory describes four emotional key abilities:

Perceive Emotions accurately
Use Emotions to help you think
Understand Emotions’ causes and changes
Manage Emotions by including the data of emotions in our thinking, decisions and actions
In this workshop you will learn to explore how these skills matter in interacting with each other and how they can potentially impact your teaching. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to give a definition of the emotional key abilities and identify which of these strengths you would like to leverage and which could become development opportunities for you.


In this experiential workshop you will be introduced to the key concepts and then explore experientially how each of the key abilities could be applied and translated into concrete situations at the work place.

Based on your understanding and learning from the role plays you will be encouraged to define personal strategies on how to leverage and/or develop your own emotional skills.
02.02.2023 09:00    -    14.03.2023 13:00
Salle EPFL
BS 111 (Bâtiment BS) Station 4 0, 1015 Lausanne
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Manuela Schicka
Silke Mischke,
cognitive psychologist and executive coach
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This is a two-day workshop. Presence is required both days

Date limite: 01.03.2023


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