2nd BrainFit4Life WebSymposium: Implementation of Global Technologies for Brain Health

Colloque / Congrès / Forum
Ouvert au grand public
30.11.2021 15:00 - 20:00
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The 2nd BrainFit4Life WebSymposium takes brain health on a time journey over the pioneering R&D and disruptive technologies that capture and improve brain plasticity and brain fitness over a lifetime. The scope of the meeting is to foster the exchange between interdisciplinary scientists, technologists, and opinion leaders on the topic of brain health and aging.

The meeting is divided into 3 sessions with short talks of 13min+2min Q&A and moderated panels' discussion for each session.
30.11.2021 15:00 - 20:00
Lavinia Alberi Auber
Passage du Cardinal 13B
1700 Fribourg
076 235 41 20
Opening by Dr. Lavinia Alberi (SICHH/UNIFR, Fribourg, Switzerland)

Session I: Insights into the Origin
Chaired by Nikki Schultek (Intracell Research Group, USA)
Prof. Mathias Kliegel (UNIGE, Genève, Switzerland)
Prof. Jean-Marie Annoni (UNIFR, Fribourg, Switzerland)
Dr. Edward Fox- (Stanford, California, USA)
Dr. Richard Pither (Genoscore, United Kingdom)
Prof. Jan Potempa (Louisville University/Jagiellonian University, USA)

Session II: Technologies of the present
Chaired by Emanuele Brai (University of Novara, Italy)
Prof. Anoki Korosi (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Prof. Lucas Spierer (Neuria Digital therapeutics, Fribourg, Switzerland)
Prof. Wolfagang Taube (UNIFR, Fribourg, Switzerland)
Prof. Julius Popp (UZH/UNIL, Zürich/Lausanne, Switzerland)
Dr. Dirk Beher (Asceneuron, Lausanne, Switzerland)

Session III: Leap into the future
Chaired by Irene Meier (Chione, Luzern, Switzerland)
Dr. Victòria Brugada-Ramentol (Virtualeap, Lisbon, Portugal)
Dr. Daniel Perez Marcos (Mindmaze, Lausanne, Switzerland)
Christy K. Sheehy (C. Light Technologies, Inc., California, USA)
Prof. Eva Carro (Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid, Spain)

Closing by Prof. Bogdan Draganski (CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland) and Dr. Irene Meier (Chione, Luzern, Switzerland)
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Date limite: 30.11.2021