International Workshop “Biography of a Landmark”

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27.04.2021    -    28.04.2021
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The Fribourg Workshop “Biography of a Landmark: The Chora Monas-tery and Kariye Camii in Constantinople/Istanbul from Late Antiquity to the 21st Century” is organised by Michele Bacci, Manuela Studer and Alessandra Ricci, in synergy with the Koç University (Istanbul) and the support of the CUSO at April 27–28, 2021 and aims to look at the Cho-ra/Kariye building in Istanbul from a transcultural perspective, by re-tracing its continuous transformations in form and function from Late Antiquity to the present day. In this respect, it will be investigated as an example of how buildings come to live different lives in the course of time. Rather than looking at monuments as living remnants of a lost world, the main goal will be to develop approaches that analyse more deeply the dynamics through which historical landmarks are gradually invested with new meanings and repeatedly reshaped.
27.04.2021    -    28.04.2021
Michele Bacci, Manuela Studer and Alessandra Ricci
Dr. Manuela Studer
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