Jazz goes back to church: The genius of Dave Brubeck's sacred works

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An evening with Russell Gloyd, Brusbeck's longtime conductor.
"Dave Brubeck is recognized as a gifted jazz pianist and composer. His use of innovative techniques, like the unique time signatures showcased in the breakthrough album, Time Out (1959), made him a leading light of West Coast jazz. Indeed, the singular chemistry of his classic quartet established him as an enduring jazz favorite. Over the past 40 years, Brubeck has quietly created a body of orchestral work of such emotional depth and intellectual complexity that he is beginning to be regarded as an American composer of the caliber of Charles Ives or Aaron Copland. Less well known, however, are Brubeck’s religious compositions. [...]" (Michael Sherwin o.p., "Jazz goes back to church" in America, August 2003, p. 12-15, p. 12)

See also: about Chris Brubeck’s composition for the Festival International de Musiques Sacrées, with a libretto written by Michael S. Sherwin o.p., Mary Magdalene and the Garden Dweller, 15 février 2020.
26.03.2020 20:00
Site MIS 03 / Salle Auditoire A
Avenue de l'Europe 20, 1700 Fribourg
Institut Saint Thomas d'Aquin pour la théologie et la culture
Magadlena Burlacu
Russell Gloyd
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