In Transition - Mathematics, Arts, Design and Architecture

Kolloquium / Kongress / Forum
Breite Öffentlichkeit
06.12.2022 17:15

This is a talk for a general academic audience interested in possibilities for enhancing contemporary mathematics to interact with arts, design and architecture. I will discuss on the needs for this dialogue in different levels of education, research and broader in the society. Our recent interdisciplinary activities challenging the traditions and communication of mathematics, arts, design, and architecture at Aalto University in Finland have given a new type of platform to share the beauty of mathematics systematically and open accessible layers to a useful interplay. Many outcomes and byproducts of these up-to-date experiments are perfect for applications in digital technologies such as programming, CAD, 3D printing, virtual- and augmented reality.
Some scenarios for the future development are presented.
06.12.2022 17:15
Standort PER 08 / Raum auditoire 2.52
Chemin du Musée 3, 1700 Fribourg
Département de mathématiques
Vortragende / Mitwirkende
Prof. Kirsi Peltonen, University of Helsinki and Aalto University