Pitching myself for industry: Honing my application skills

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20.10.2023 09:00 - 17:00

Description and objectives
Bridging the gap from academia to industry requires adapting our frame of mind, discourse and posture to a new and sometimes unfamiliar audience! We will together - in two stand-alone and complementary one-day workshops - build your road map for change from academia to industry.

In Workshop 2, you will together:
Share application and networking successes and challenges
Explore how to effectively communicate your uniqueness and talents
Maximise your changes of securing that interview
Role play the bilateral interview process : pitch and Q&A
Decide on the next milestone of your roadmap for success
Together we’ll è Refine your personalised strategy and action plan !

This interactive workshop will, through a hands-on experiential learning approach, help you embrace your personal road map for change. You will explore the best practice approach to applying and networking and hone your pitch and interview skills as you bridge the gap from academia to industry. And build your network of peers in a safe and confidential framework.
20.10.2023 09:00 - 17:00
Raum HES-SO Lausanne -salle sera communiquée
Avenue de Provence 6, 1007 Lausanne
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Manuela Schicka
Vortragende / Mitwirkende
Romaine Johnstone,
coach facilitator and trainer
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